Niujie Mosque

Chinese Islamic Calligraphy

Hello and welcome to We are one of the few websites that imports and sells handwritten Chinese Islamic Calligraphy (中国穆斯林的书法) from master calligraphers in China. If you would like to purchase one of our pieces, please search for us on our ebay and amazon stores. The prices of our pieces vary from as low as $50 dollars to $500 and above. With our wide selection we are sure you will find the perfect piece. Facebook / Youtube / Flickr / eBay / Instagram also provides a glimpse into the world of Chinese Muslims. We have content discussing the provinces and areas of China that have large Muslim populations and Muslim history. Along with information about famous Chinese Muslims, Chinese Muslim organizations, Islam and China in general. Please feel free to explore our website for your leisure and knowledge. As the Prophet (PBUH) once told us to seek knowledge even if it takes you as far as China.

Calligraphy (3rd Set 2013)

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